Marcello Benetti

Drummer. Improviser. Composer.



Marcello was born near Venice in 1972. He started playing guitar when he was 9 years old and drums when he was 14. He's a professional musician since 2003. From 2011 is a permanent resident of the city of New Orleans.

As a COMPOSER Marcello has released 4 albums in the last 5-6 years (see "+Albums" page).

TRAPPER KEAPER is a space-funk duo Marcello co-leads with Will Thomson on keys (

Marcello, as an IMPROVISER, had a chance of sharing the stage or working on projects with Nicole Mitchell, Jeb Bishop, Ken Vandermark, Rob Mazurek, Jonathan Freilich, Mike Dillon, Helen Gillet, Jeff Albert, Pasquale Mirra, Silvia Bolognesi, Fabrizio Puglisi.

As a DRUMMER, Marcello plays with Papa Mali, Chip Wilson, Alex mcMurray and with the Naked Orchestra.

As a PROMOTER, since 2013 Marcello, along with friend and trombonist Jeff Albert, runs the first improvised music fest in New Orleans: HIP Fest (Hosting Improviser Performers), an annual meeting of prominent national and international musical improvisers and the New Orleans improvised music community. (

In 2016 his first experience working with TEATHER: he's part of the music session of The Merchant in Venice, Compagnia de' Colombari, under the direction of Karin Coonrod, music by and with Frank London.