Marcello Benetti

Drummer. Improviser. Composer.

“TK is the wild son of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew and Beastie Boy’s Paul’s Boutique” - T.R.Johnson

marcello & will

Trapper Keaper

Marcello Benetti & William Thompson


Trapper Keaper centers around the unique connection between Italian Drummer Marcello Benetti and American Keyboardist William Thompson IV, freely improvising sonic textures with many influences steeped in the music and culture of New Orleans. TK exists in a state of constant changing and evolving, hosting one or two guests every performance; this is the peculiar reason that drives and constantly changes the band’s musical journey.

new Album


“In this particular configuration, TK features AURORA NEALAND (Alto Sax/Accordion/Various Percussive Elements/ Vocals), with her eclectic and always unexpected sonic procurements and TIM BERNE (Alto Sax) with his precise and now legendary language and angular melodic expressions. The result is an extraordinary new album, released in New Orleans on April 12th 2019, and a spectacular live show bouncing between high energetic groove oriented virtuosism and space hypnotic extemporaneous compositions.”


Album reviews & press

“The Album gets started with “Boom,” premiering in the video above. This is a two-minute spontaneous blast that gallops out the gate at the prompt of Nealand’s primal scream, which soon finds itself in competition with Berne’s crying sax as Benetti and Thompson lay down the rhythmic and harmonic markers. You might say it ends just as it’s hitting cruising altitude, but there’s much more spontaneity to exploit on this record and no time to waste.”


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Rapid ignition free improv masterpiece Trapper Keaper – MEETS TIM BERNE & AURORA NEALAND: What we (definitely) have here, folks is a “failure to conform-i-cate“... in other words, the rapid ignition free improv that Trapper Keaper (keyboardist William Thompson and drummer Marcello Benetti) has put together with Aurora Nealand and Tim Berne will NOT conform to anything you’ve ever heard (in your lifetime) before...I give Trapper Keaper & their fellow “odd-ists” a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 5.00... which means they also get my “PICK” for “most penetrating improv album”.


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Guest Artists of Trapper Keaper

Tim Berne - Dave Easley - Mike Dillon - Ashley Parker - Mars Williams - Papa Mali - Brad Walker

Past Performances

Hip Fest 2013 (New Orleans) - Constellation (Chicago) - Southern Sonic Fest (New Orleans) - Snug Harbor (New Orleans) - Ground Music Fest (Italy) - Rovigo Delta Blues (Italy) - Mirano Oltre Festival (Italy)


Booking Contact

Marcello Benetti

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Caligola Records (for EU distribution)