Marcello Benetti

Drummer. Improviser. Composer.

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Il Vizio! - 2017

by Marcello Benetti

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Marcello Benetti - Drums/Timbales/Shekere/Compositions Will Thomson - Keys/Bass Key
Jeff Albert - Trombone
Rex Gregory - Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Flute/Tenor Sax Helen Gillet - Cello
Dave Easley - Steel Guitar
Mike Dillon - Vibraphone/Tablas/Congas

My composing skill for the Shuffled 4et merges into the electric- psychedelic sound of Trapper Keaper.

This is the best thing I’ve done so far!

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> On Sale at Louisiana Music Factory

> Libreria ALFANUI - Mirano (VE) - ITALY